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Emigrating to Germany

Are you considering emigrating to Germany? There is a lot that needs to be arranged for a move to Germany. Bongers does thousands of emigrations abroad each year, including Germany.

Emigreren naar Duitsland doet u samen met Bongers

Bongers is your authorized international relocation partner, specialized in moves oversea. We give you crystal clear, detailed, and fully transparent advice and will take care of your move from A to Z.

Why you should emigrate with Bongers to Germany

Emigreren naar DuitslandIf you have the intention to emigrate to Germany, you want your move to run smoothly. There are many things to remember and there is a lot of information that will weigh heavy on your mind. With Bongers you will not have unexpected costs. We are aware of all formalities so that we can inform you well in advance about certain extra costs such as the toll (MAUT).

Bongers stands for:

  • Competent and reliable sealed packages at no extra costs
  • Specialists in worldwide destinations
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Excellent coverage and affordable insurance

With Bongers you can emigrate to Germany carefree. We pack your valuable goods such as furniture, paintings and antiques careful, and seal it in a professional manner. Your goods arrive as you want them to. If you wish to bring your car or other motor vehicle with you, this is not a problem and we will take care of it for you. We are always informed about the latest customs formalities. Did you know that in Germany it is not unusual to move the kitchen too? The probability is high that you won’t have a kitchen on arrival. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

Emigrating to Germany is carefree with Bongers and in Germany we use the same high quality standards you expect from us.

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