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Holiday Season update of European trips 2020/2021

gian-luca-pilia-nSrGwfsU2Kg-unsplash.jpg24 nov

Winter closes in, Holidays are being planned
Wishing all a safe winter a healthy holiday season

Some of our trucks keep have some room on our trips,
contact us for below trips or any other destinations. (all over the world)

Our European trips as currently planned per week 48

Safe travels where it is possible !
#Staysafe #Wintertime

Week 48| Departing November 23

Countries: NL, Belgium, Luxemburg, France

Cities: Brussels, Paris, Luxemburg , Dijon


Week 50| Departing December 7

Countries: NL, Belgium, France, Luxemburg

Cities: Brussels, Paris, le Havre, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Dijon, Luxemburg


Week 51 | Departing December 14

Countries: NL, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, Italy, Switzerland

Cities: Luxemburg, Munich, Salzburg, Milan, Venice, Roma, Zurich, Basel


Week 52 | Departing December 21

Countries: NL, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark

Cities: Brussels, Paris, Caen, Hamburg, Copenhagen


Week 53 | Departing December 28

Countries: UK, NL, Belgium, France,

Cities: London, Oxford, Brussels, Paris,


Week 01/02-2021 | Departing January 04

Countries: NL, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal

Cities: Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Faro, Lisbon


Week 02-2021 | Departing January 11

Countries: NL, Belgium, France

Cities: Brussels, Paris


Week 02-2021 | Departing January 11

Countries: NL, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria

Cities: Feankfurt, Munich, Basel, Como, Genua, Napoli, Salzburg

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