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European Road schedule April 2021

1Naamloos.jpg21 apr

Our European trips as currently planned per week 15

Please contact the professional backpackers for assistance to/from anywhere in Europe
And from there across the globe

Also for Groupage to USA/DUBAI/South Africa

Week 16 | Departing April 19

Countries: NL, Belgium, Luxemburg, France

Cities: Brussels, Paris, Luxemburg , Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier


Week 17 | Departing April 26

Countries: NL, Germany, Austria , Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg, Belgium

Cities: Stuttgart, Munich, Graz, Ancona, Milan, Geneva, Basel, Luxemburg, Brussels


Week 18 | Departing May 3

Countries: NL, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Spain

Cities: Leipzig, Nurnberg, Luxemburg, Brussel, Nevers, Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Brest, Madrid, Barcelona


Week 19 | Departing May 10

Countries: NL, Belgium, France, Germany,

Cities: Brussels, Paris, Stuttgart, Dresden


Week 20 | Departing May 17

Countries: NL, Germany, Austria, Italy, France,

Cities: Nurnberg Munich, Salzburg, Milan, Lyon, Metz, Paris


Week 21 | Departing May 24

Countries: NL, Belgium, France,

Cities: Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse


Week 22 | Departing May 31

Countries: NL, Belgium, France

Cities: Brussels, Paris

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